Siruba DL7200 Single Needle Lockstitch


Siruba DL7200 is a single needle, lockstitch, straight stitch, drop feed w/reverse, medium to heavy material, 4500 rpm (depending on fabric) industrial sewing machine.

Single needle direct drive lockstitch machine with thread trimmer and:

  • rotary trimming system;
  • thread nipper;
  • auto lifter;
  • reverse feeding;
  • adjustable LED light;
  • maximum stitch length up to 4 stitch/inch;

Automatic lubrication. More stable.

Energy efficient. Lower power consumption.

Applied with rotary trimming mechanism, the trimming result is perfect. It reduces the consumption thread, decreases the frequency of bobbin changing and increases sewing efficiency.

The optimum and elegant machine head was created using the latest sewing mechanisms in order to achieve low-tension sewing. The machine flexibly responds to a wide range of materials and produces beautiful seams of steady quality. Adopts the built-in reverse feeding solenoid, noise is soft, maintenance is easy and strengthens durability of the machine.

Built-in bobbing winder.

Reverse button and half stitch button accessible.

Digital dashboard with sewing programmer.

WE CAN OFFER TO YOU: DL7200-BH1, DL7200-BM1, DL7200-BX2.

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