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  • Electric and automatic steam generator, available steam production from 15 to 60 kW. Water feed can be connected directly to the water mains or to a condensate tank. D01 is supplied with two separate sets of heating elements for single or double operation. Steam working pressure is between 0.5 to 7 bar.


    • Stainless steel condensate recovery and water feed tank (83 l)
    • Boiler body in stainless steel AISI 304
    • All components in contact with water in stainless steel AISI 304
    • Available with one or two steam outlets
    • Automatic water feeding by means of a water pump
    • Automatic water level control
    • Two safety devices fitted on the boiler: pressure switch and safety valve
    • Condensate return inlet

     Water pump
     Water feeding tank
     Steam gun
     Steam-air gunTechnical Specifications SUPER
    Voltage 230V/400V/3/50-60 Hz
    Steam working pressure 2,8 bar
    Boiler heater 3,3 – 3,9 – 4,8 kW
    Iron heater 0,830 kW
    Boiler capacity 4,9 l
    Water inlet 3/8”
    Boiler exhaust 3/8”
    Overall dimensions 390 x 550 x 1000 mm
    Net weight 52 Kg
    Gross weight (carton pallet) 61 Kg
    Packing dimensions 680 x 480 x 1170 mm