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EGA MASTER Finalist for The First Arizmendiarrieta-Anitua Award

Fifteen companies were pre-candidates for the award that recognizes the application of the values and management practices recommended in the Inclusive Participatory Business Model (IPBM); a business model that promotes cooperation, in which workers are part of the company’s decisions through dialogue and participation.

The jury of the 1st Arizmendiarrieta-Anitua Award highlighted the work of EGA Master in the application of the values and management practices characteristic of the IPBM, making it one of the six finalists to win the award.

The next step will consist on the evaluation of the candidatures, which will be carried out by an expert auditor in EFQM, from which the jury will choose the winner of the award.

The Arizmendiarrieta-Anitua Award pays tribute to the social work carried out by the Catholic priests José María de Arizmendiarrieta and Pedro Anitua in the human promotion of the poorest people in our country in the middle of the 20th century.

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