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  • Power station, power supply tension 220 Volt, total / maximum power 3000 Watt, power supply connection EU – CEE 7/7.

    Supplies power wherever you want

    Do you work in remote or hard-to-reach places? Do you not want to use long extension cables or polluting generators? Then try the Portable Power Station from Euroboor now.

    With the PST.2500 you can use your industrial powertools on places where there’s no electricity available!

    Usage examples

    – ECO.30S+ for 5.5 hours
    – ECO.32+ for 6.25 hours
    – ECO.50+/T for 10.5 hours
    – ECO.100S+/TD for 7.25 hours
    – B60S for 13.25 hours
    – EDG.600 for 7.25 hours