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  • Band saw machine, power supply tension 220 – 240 Volt, power supply connection EU plug according CEE 7/7.

    The Euroboor EBS.500 metal cutting band saw is specifically designed for cutting all kinds of metal tubes, pipes and profiles up to 125 mm (5″). Our portable band saw has an adjustable vice, cutting angle and sawing speed. The EBS.500 metal cutting band saw benefits from a double motor protection, a digital electronic speed regulator and an anti-reset safety function for a longer lifespan of the saw.

    • Adjustable vice, cutting angle and sawing speed
    • Constant speed due to digital electronic speed regulator
    • Wide cutting angle adjustment range
    • Double motor protection: Amperage and temperature limiter
    • Anti-reset safety function
    • User-friendly vice with clear indicators
    • Adjustable bar stop rod for mass produced cuts
    • Chip scraper