Automatic sewing machine JP 9100-IX for sewing one- and two-pointed as
well as tapered jacket breast darts . Easy handling and Maintain

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Brother Direct Drive Sewing Head
Beijer Electronics. Windows Based 256 Million Colour Supported Touch Screen Control Panel
Easy to use, with Pictures on the Operator Panel and with 50 Different Programming
Sequential/Cycle Programming for different jacket breast darts models
PLC Control Unit
Motion Control Unit with X/Y Axis Program
Teco (WestingHouse) AC Servo Motor& Driver Controlled Clamp Unit on X Axis
Sewing head moving on the Y axis
Standardization for different jacket breast darts models up to 350 mm length
The beginning of the seam can be secured with back-tack or with condensed stitches
The end of the seam is secured with stitch condensation
Single-pointed darts are always sewn from the pocket opening to the point. This ensures a slim, neat point with no untidy dimples
Automatic Thread Cutting and Cleaning System at the end of sewing
Fixing-needles-system: To assure the sliding of the folded fabric
Vacuumed suction to facilitate placing fabric on machine
An compact machine by Special Designed Loading Device and Stacking Unit
For accurate sewing of checks and stripes the front part cuttings are positioned exactly by means of a laser beam
The darts are cut open by a, Multiaxial, height-adjustable and DC Motor controlled, horizontal slitting mechanism right up to the point
The required dart length and waist-point height can be programmed for every size, and there is no need to change the guide rail
Vacuum motor connection preparing unit
Error Detecting Systems
Thread monitor
Jacket breast darts Stitch Length: 80 mm – 400 mm
Jacket breast darts Stitch Depth: 2 mm – 28 mm

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