Battery-Powered Torque Wrench – Angle Version EMAWX series Compact, Lightweight and Powerful

  • Torque and angle of rotation controlled tightening process
  • Specification and documentation of the screwing process possible via Bluetooth
  • Torque range from 20 to 8,000Nm
  • Slim design and low weight, good ergonomics (grip in the center of gravity)

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    • Locking adjustment of the angle head: easily adjustable in 24 steps of 15 ° (degrees) Secure screw assembly even in hard-to-reach places
    • Large color LCD display, multilingual with control and warning messages
    • Brushless motor with electronic torque cut-off
    • High torque output and precision: Reliable tightening of screw connections up to 8,000Nm with a repeat accuracy of ± 3%
    • Torque and angle of rotation controlled tightening process possible
    • Adjustable relaxation angle
    • Torque values ​​can be preset, customer-specific values ​​possible
    • Option: stepless torques (1 Nm steps)
    • Option: specification and documentation of the screwing process via Bluetooth
    • Ergonomic operating position: drive and gear are decoupled via a swivel joint. This means that the drive can be turned into the optimal operating position easily and with little effort.
    • Incl. Charger and two lithium-ion high-performance batteries 18V 5.2 Ah
    • Extensive range of accessories such as B. Power sockets, inserts and supports are available in both standard and special designs.
    • Other types available on request.

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