Electric steam generator- Doublex 100kW

Automatic electric hot steam-generator | compact pre-installed system on the frame.
The compact system includes the steam generator, the water treatment set, electric switchbox and all pipe & electric connections. All is preinstalled on the stainless steel frame. Ready to plug and use.

Automatic electric hot steam-generator / steam pressure from 2 to 6 bar

  • – with capacity up to 100 kW (up to 150 kg of hot steam per hour) – if returned condensate is reused
  • – with capacity up to 100 kW (up to 130 kg of hot steam per hour) – if condensate is not reused

Water feed can be connected directly to the water mains or to a condensate tank. Regulation of the working steam pressure is adjustable in range from 1 to 4.5 bar.

This steam-generator is available with four independent heaters (four independent heating elements). The steam-generator shell is manufactured in accordance to the current PED regulations.

Recommended usage :

  • Heating the wort brew machines – recomended for brewhouses with maximal usage volume 1500 liters per one brew
  • Heating the water, beverages or chemical solutions in the water tanks, CIP stations, boilers, pasteurisers etc.
  • Heating the food processing machines
  • Sterilization of the vessels, pipes, hoses, stainless steel kegs, filters, food production equipment, pharmacy equipment … with hot steam

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    Parameters and accessories :

    • Power 100 kW / 150 kg of hot steam per hour
    • Steam production capacity 150 kg of hot steam per hour – if returned condensate is reused
    • Steam production capacity 130 kg of hot steam per hour – if returned condensate is not reused
    • Working pressure and temperature of steam max. 6 bar / 165°C
    • Water treatment plant with automatic regeneration
    • Stainless steel condensate tank
    • Triple set of heaters
    • High temperature pump
    • Sound intensity level < 70 dB(A)
    • Boiler body made of steel (optionally stainless steel AISI 304)
    • Boiler capacity 50 L
    • Boiler heater 25 – 100 kW
    • Power supply 230/400V – 3ph – 50 Hz / power plug 125A
    • Power consumption 81 kW
    • Working temperature + 5 ÷ + 80 °C
    • Net dimensions (L x W x H) 800 x 820 x 1600 mm.
    • Net weight 180 Kg
    • Overall dimensions (packaging included) 800 x 1000 x 1500 mm
    • Gross weight (packaging included) 250 Kg