Battery-Powered Torque Wrench ZA

Battery-powered torque wrench is a combination of a planet gear (mechanical multiplier) with an intermediate transmission and a battery-powered drive. The drive is provided with a brushless motor and an electronic control module.

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    The output torque is adjusted by means of a dedicated controller for turning torque regulation. Such a battery-powered torque wrench can be considered as an automatic device for tightening and untightening of bolts and nuts since the tool automatically switches off when the required and already preset torque threshold is reached. Therefore the tool allows to tighten a series of bolted joints with exactly the same and repeatable torque, where the accuracy of the torque stability is as high as 3%. Each torque wrench is individually calibrated, while its accuracy is confirmed by the calibration certificate attached to each device. The calibration can be verified against an individual table of torques specific for each tool.


    • switch to change rotation direction (left/right)
    • fast operation with 4 gear transmission
    • pivotable driving unit (rotation of the handle by 360º)
    • overload protection
    • electronic, high accurate controller of applied torque with up to 60 torque steps and automatic switch off
    • adjustable torque
    • short battery charging time – approx. 40 minutes
    • no power cord
    • short assembly time
    • accuracy of bolt and nut connections