Pneumatic Torque Wrench – Angle Version ZPK

An electric torque wrench is a combination of a planetary transmission with an intermediate transmission and a drive provided with a pneumatic motor. The torque wrench collaborates with the pressure control unit that is made up of a water trap, an oil lubricator for compressed air and a manometer.
Adjustment, i.e. setting of the desired torque is carried out by adjustment of the corresponding air pressure that is indicated on the attached monometer.

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    Each machine is individually calibrated to establish the strict relationship between the desired torques and corresponding air pressure values (up to 6 bars), which is summarized in the table of torques attached to each machine. When the preset value of torque is reached the machine is automatically switched off that guarantees reliability of connections and exact repeatability of torques. The accuracy for constancy of torques is 3%.


    • switch to change rotation direction (left /right)
    • two speeds (fast and working rpm)
    • pivotable driving unit (rotation of the handle by 360º)
    • overload protection
    • multi-step torque controller with an automatic switch.
    • adjustable torque
    • more stringent timelines of assembly operations
    • improved occupational safety
    • accuracy of bolt and nut connections