Electrical Torque Wrenches Angle Version EMEGW series

  • High torque performance and precision
  • Torque range from 100 to 12,000 Nm
  • Slim design and low weight, ergonomic design (handle at center of gravity)
  • Fast, reliable and economical
  • Ratchet adjustment of the angle head: easily adjustable in 24 steps of 15-degree angles Secure assembly of screw connections even in confined spaces

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    • Angle-controlled tightening method available
    • High torque performance and precision: The powerful torque wrench can fasten and loosen screws and bolts up to 12,000 Nm with a repeatability of ±3%
    • Easy to operate
    • Torque values presettable customer specifi c values possible
    • High-performance gearbox
    • Extensive accessories such as impact sockets, inserts and support arms are available in standard versions as well as in special versions.
    • The shut-off wrench replaces impact and manual torque wrenches – a gain in safety at work and flexibility
    • Other types available on request