F16+ Magnetic drill stand, 220 V, EU.

Magnetic drill stand, power supply tension 220 – 240 Volt, power supply frequency 50 – 60 Hertz, power supply connection EU plug according CEE 7/7.

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    The Euroboor F16+ is a flexible universal drill stand with plug connection. This drill stand is for hand drills with twist drill capacity up to Ø 16 mm. Our portable F16+ universal drill stand enables you to drill, ream and countersink perfectly straight with high stability. The F16+ drill stand benefits from innovative electronics which offer more safety, significantly reduce the risk of damage of the machine, tool and workpiece and protects the user in case of excessive vibrations or sudden displacement. The lifespan is considerably longer and you avoid high maintenance costs.

    minimum diameter twist drills (mm) 1
    maximum diameter twist drills (mm) 16
    stroke (mm) 170
    magnet length (mm) 160
    magnet width (mm) 80
    magnet height (mm) 36
    minimum height (mm) 325
    maximum height (mm) 495
    length (L2 / mm) 310
    width (mm) 170
    height (mm) 495
    handdrill dependable yes
    type of gear box lubrication grease
    magnetic force (kilogram) 1200
    electric rotation speed adjustment no
    nett weight (kilogram) 7.5
    system of measurement mm (metric)
    application drilling
    power supply frequency (Hz) 50 – 60
    power supply current AC
    power supply connection EU plug according CEE 7/7
    power supply source mains supply
    power supply type electric
    power supply tension (Volt) 220 – 240

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