Gas & Oil Fired Steam Boiler

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    itimat three-pass steam boilers have a high efficiency. They produces dry steam inside enough steam space.
    itimat steam boilers supply complete combustion with optimum furnace chamber dimensions. This feature provides low NOx emission.
    They have a special design and max. heat transfer surface itimat steam boilers provides easy cleaning and controls.
    They have longevous and hard working conditions. Economiser, invertor controls to burner and feeding pump provides that reaching to high efficiency.

    Materials of Steam Boiler:

    Steel plate; that we use are EN 10028 P 355 GH carbon steel 10% thicker than those used by other manufacturers.
    That is 10% more corrosion allowance and strength.

    Tubes: EN 10216-2 P235 GH Seamless tubes are used in our boiler productions. Optimum number of tube and its arrangement means better heat transfer, less and easier maintenance.

    Design of Steam Boiler:

    P355GH EN 10028 quality steel body welded and tested with methods with the PED 2014 /68/EU directive.

    Project and production : Acceptable design by TRD, EN, TSE, ASME over 44 years production experience.
    Large Heating Surface : Drier steam, higher heat absorption.

    Low Reverse-Pressure: Less burner power consumption.

    Design with Minimum Refractory : Low thermal inertia reduced service cost and better heat transfer.

    Optimum Combustion Chamber Sizes : Well – distributed thermal loading, more effective use of radiation heat transfer surfaces.
    Our optimum dimensions make proper burner performance easier to obtain. This is especially critical for applications where Low NOx emissions are mandated.