Hydra Maxi 110 Kg Industrial Washing Machine

Fully Stainles Steel Covers

Interior – External Drum and Exterior Coatings

100% Heavy Industrial Construction (Hydra MAXI)

*Wider Loading Door
*Faster Heating with Enhanced Steam Inlet (3/4″)
*Faster Water Intake with Enchanced Water Inlet (1″)
*Double Drain System (2″)
*New Generation Enchanced Main Shaft and Sealing
*New Generation Heavy Industrial Construction
*New Generation Enhanced Drive System and Bearing Housing

Automatic Liquid Detergent Dosing System

In built dosing pumps for liquid detergent dosing. Integrated with reporting and weight scale systems (Wet Clean) – (Optional)

100% Heavy Industrial Construction (Hydra MINI – MIDI)

*ST37 balance weight systema
*Engineered front & reat plates and drum constructions
*Enhanced new belt-pulley system and bearing housing
*Unwelded inner drum

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    • Heating Type: Steam
    • Loading Capacity (Kg/Batch): 110
    • Drum Volume (lt): 1.100
    • Extraction Force (G): 360
    • Motor Power (Kw): 15
    • Heating Power (Bar): 4 – 6
    • Width (mm): 1.875
    • Depth (mm): 2.055
    • Height (mm): 2.060
    • Tilted Height (mm): 2.265
    • Weight (kg): 4.300

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