Torque Wrench with Lateral Gearbox EMSG/EMSO series – EMS series

  • Excellently suited for use on plate heat exchangers
  • Continuous rotation in clockwise / conterclockwise direction
  • Lateral gearbox made of aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Wrench size from 55 mm to 80 mm
  • Torque range up to 4,000 Nm

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    • EMSG drive unit with standard motor 1,300 watts
    • EMSO drive unit with industrial motor1,800 watts
    • EMS drive unit with battery powered motor

    Lateral gearbox available with wrench sizes 55, 60, 65 und 80 mm. Reducing adapters enable the machine to be used for tightening and loosening additional wrench sizes.

    Beispiele für Reduzierungen:

    AF 80|75, AF 80|70, AF 80|65, AF 80|60, AF 80|55, AF 80|50, AF 80|46, AF 55|50, AF 55|46, AF 55|41, AF 55|36, AF 55|32, AF 55|30

    The purchase of reaction arms allows the electric drive unit to be used as torque drivers.