Water Tube Steam Generator

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    Horizontal forced circulation steam boiler with 3 smoke passes and high efficiency of 90%.

    The internal coil is composed by two concentric coils made by P235GH seamless steel pipe.
    The coil with the smaller diameter constitutes the combustion chambers that the end there is a close cap with refractory material.

    All pressure parts are designed second PED directive (2014/68/EU).

    The special compact design of the collector is to encourage the separation of the liquid component of the steam.

    Not pressure parts are made by steel carpentry of important thickness.

    The cylindrical body is insulated with rock wool to prevent the thermal inertia.

    The boiler is openable from frontal and back side with refractory plate bolted.

    The degree of protection of electrical panel is IP55 and with standard set has:

    Rapid start up
    general switch;
    auxiliary start switch;
    burner start switch;
    speed switch;
    reset button for the safety blocks;
    digital temperature controller for reading and the continuous control of the temperature of steam, flue gas and feed water.
    block warning lights (water block, overload block, pressure block, chimney block, pressure Max. Pump, steam block and burner block).