Torque Multiplier HGT Series

Torque Multiplier – the tool for precise tightening and loosening of screw connections

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    • Low effort and easy handling
    • Optimum transmission of high torques
    • The integrated planetary gear multiplies the input force
    • Powerful, precise and safe
    • Effortless release and controlled tightening
    • Compact and robust construction
    • The HGT is for precise torque screwing and checking of heavy Screw connections designed.
    • Torque range from 300Nm to 8000Nm
    • High torques can be generated with little effort.
    • Light, handy, precise and low-wear for reliable screw connections
    • It is driven by a torque wrench with ½” square or a socket wrench insert with a wrench size of 32mm
    • Optionally, a permanently mounted SW32 power socket can be purchased for the HGT 300.
    • The handheld power wrenches are equipped with a lock. The precisely functioning locking mechanism enables extremely effective work, even with very short ratchet movements.
    • The integrated handwheel can be used to turn loose screws.
    • Absorption of the reaction torque via specific support, available in different versions.