Drilling sets

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  • Cutter kit. 2 x HCS.140, 2 x HCS.180, 2 x HCS.220, 1 x IBC.70. Packed in plastic case.

    Our HCS.KIT contains High Speed Steel Annular Cutters which feature unique teeth geometry, provide clear cutting, fast feed rate, less vibration, smooth hole surface and long tool life. Euroboor HSS annular cutters are equipped with high precision Weldon shanks*. The HCS.KIT is a 6 piece HSS cutter set with DoC 30 mm. The set comes with one pilot pin. Besides HSS cutter sets with metric sizes, we also over HSS cutter sets with imperial sizes. And both six and ten piece HSS cutter sets.

    *On request we also provide our sets with double shank design (Nitto/Weldon).