TCT Hole saw

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  • TCT Hole saw.

    TCT Hole saw.
    Twist drills come in different materials and sizes, but above a certain diameter size it’s no longer possible to drill with the twist drill. The amount of material to be cut would be too large and the drilling process would take extremely long. That’s where the hole saws come in! With our multi-purpose TCT Hole saws you can drill holes from 11 mm up to 50 mm with portable power tools and stationary machines, without using extreme force or power. As the name suggests, the hole saw is hollow in the middle and only the cutting edges cut the material. This saves a lot of time and energy. The great thing about our hole saws is that they are very durable because they are Tungsten carbide tipped. Compared to bimetal hole saws they have a 10 times longer lifespan. The hole saws are equipped with a pilot drill and ejector spring. The pilot drill allows simple centering and clean guidance in the material. With the ejector spring, the cut material is easily ejected from the hole saw. The safety stopper protects the workpiece. (Also a hex key is included for fixing the pilot drill.)

    – Parallel shank with 3 flats – Fits all common drill chucks

    • Max. material thickness for drilling in steel: approximately 20 mm (13/16″)
    • Max. material thickness for drilling in stainless steel: approximately 10 mm (3/8″)
    • Max. material thickness for drilling in aluminium: approximately 20 mm (13/16″)